Anne van As

An ongoing journey 2015-2022, oil, acrylics, mixed media on mdf, ca 7 x 9 cm

Anne van As is inspired by northern countries, the mountains and the animal kingdom from cold and temperate places. But her paintings and drawings are more than a mere record of visible reality. In a clear, figurative style, she depicts familiar subjects such as a polar bear, a rabbit or a deer, or more abstractly, a mountain.  They are all subjects that evoke a certain degree of endearment or recognition. On closer inspection, however, an uncanny feeling soon creeps up on you.

That feeling comes from the way Van As puts her subjects on canvas. The aura of her work is the result of a well-considered set of choices: from the cut-outs and simplified forms chosen by Van As, to the somewhat cool colour choices and the manner of painting in which she meticulously applies paint layer by layer very thinly. The smallest details are decisive. This is how Van As arrives at images that have a dreamlike, gentle quality but which, despite their initially accessible subjects, are difficult to interpret.

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Exhibitions with galerie with tsjalling:

2023  Cold Outside, with Anne Mensinga & Sara van Vliet

2022  Copy/Paste, groupshow
2022  Art Noord IV, Museum Belvédère Heerenveen
2022  KunstRai 2022, Amsterdam
2021  Sisyphus, duo show with Niek Hendrix
2021  Solostand, KunstRai 2021, art fair
2021  Art The Hague Online
2020  Taart, groupshow
2019   The Great Escape, groupshow
2019   Art & Antik Messe Münster, art fair
2018   Tjielp, with Jeroen Allart & Beate Hoïng
2017   This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, art fair
2017    Remote, solo
2017    For Real, Cruiseterminal, Amsterdam, art fair
2016    This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, art fair
2015    This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, art fair
2015    Trust with Erik Buijs
2014    Art The Hague, Fokker Terminal Den Haag, art fair
2013    Don’t Feed the Animals groupshow

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