Mieke Fokkinga


Mieke Fokkinga – Vruchtenhagel (fruit flavoured sprinkles), 2023
Gouache and pencil on paper 35 x 30 cm

Mieke Fokkinga’s drawings depict seemingly small and uninteresting things in a poetic, slightly abstract way that moves the viewer. For her work, she always looks for interesting patterns and shapes in everyday objects. By enlarging and abstracting these, the viewer also starts looking differently. The subject could be any grain in a packet of sprinkles, the pattern of a ‘stroopwafel’, or a coloured pipe cleaner, but in Fokkinga’s works it becomes something different, independent.

Fokkinga is always looking for a specific technique to represent the fabric expression of certain objects. Sometimes ink is used, in other works pastel crayon, watercolour or just a graphic technique like screen printing. The application of the right technique for the depicted object strongly adds to the illusion of reality, which remarkably often enhances the very abstraction in the work.

Mieke Fokkinga was nominated for the Hendrik de Vries Stipendium in 2019 and her work is in the collections of Museum Voorlinden and the Lisser Art Museum, among others.

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