Georg Óskar

Georg Óskar – Flowers at the funeral, 2020, Oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm

Icelandic artist Georg Óskar’s work is figurative, but the recognizable elements – mostly people – are placed within a rather minimalist and unstructured context. The smooth, rather messy painting style creates energy and liveliness in the work. His idiosyncratic style and imagery are not obvious and immediately touch you as a viewer. The people in the works are important. After all, they not only represent physical form, but they also aim to reflect thoughts and experiences.

Georg Óskar looks for subjects that interest him in people and in nature – often things that are very mundane and insignificant. The paintings and drawings can be seen as a personal visual diary. They are representations of experiences, memories, fantasies or things that have struck the artist. From childhood memories to insignificant news reports and often influenced by music and poetry. To this personal experience, he adds a humorous twist in his paintings and drawings, which is sometimes somewhat dark or sarcastic. In doing so, he wants to ensure that his work remains open to allow the viewer to feel or experience something that he, as an artist, did not see for himself.

After receiving his MFA in Norway, Georg Óskar exhibited his work extensively in Britain, Germany, China, Switzerland and Canada, among others. This international interest in his work stems from the appealing imagery and subjects in his work.

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Exhibitions at galerie with tsjalling:

2021  KunstRai/Art Amsterdam – September 8 to 12, 2021
2021  Summer Short – with Hans Boer
2020 Common People – with Oskar Nilsson & Nick Renshaw
2019  KunstRAI 2019/ Art Amsterdam, with Lenneke van der Goot & Albert Westerhoff
2018  Scandalavia, with Oskar Nilsson & Anika Lori

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