on paper – Anne Mensinga, Jessica Skowroneck, Marisa Rappard, Patricia Paludanus,
9 March through 20 April 2024

Opening on 9 March from 4 to 6 pm.

From the very beginning in March 2010, when our first living room exhibition took place, the gallery has had a major focus on drawings and work on paper. In recent years the focus has shifted more towards painting, but the medium of paper continues to feature in at least half of our exhibitions, and we regularly attend art fairs where work on paper takes centre stage. The group exhibition On Paper features four artists who each use paper as the basis for their work in their own unique way.

During a trip to Berlin in 2023, Anne Mensinga began making her typical frameworks as watercolour. This medium actually proved even more suitable than oil paint for representing the subject – windows and the reflections in them, painted from the outside – in an abstract way. The results are works in which abstraction is even stronger, while the illusion of reality persists.

Patricia Paludanus uses coloured pencil as a medium to create a window onto a new world. She creates thick layers with the material to achieve a particularly high colour intensity, which enhances the magic of her images. Her graphic, almost dark work takes the viewer into hidden rooms where there is always something unexpected to discover.

The pencil also plays a leading role in Marisa Rappard’s work, albeit in a very different way. Her subject is an investigation into how people relate to technology and the digital world, but her technique is completely analogue. With many delicate lines, she creates rhythmic and elaborate compositions, often in an impressive size that try to reflect our complicated relationship with the digital world.

Nature is the subject of the work of Jessica Skowroneck.  Unlike her paintings, the powerful landscapes in her drawings are almost all based on places she has visited herself, such as the Swedish landscape and the Swiss mountains. In oil pastel, she draws her subject in vibrant colours, to create a memory of these places that enhanced the artist’s senses.

Instagram: @anne_mensinga @patricia_paludanus @marisarappard @jessicaskowroneck

Marisa Rappard and Patricia Paludanus are supported by the Mondrian Fund.