Something Old, Something New – group show paired with design
25 November – 30 December 2023

With: Albert Westerhoff, Janus Hochgesand, Victor van Loon and vintage furniture from Bij de Tijd.

It is an important tradition in the USA, that when she gets married the bride wears something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Those four elements are the starting point for this exhibition.

Sometimes beautiful works that have not sold after their first exhibition remain in a gallery stockroom or at the artist’s studio for years. After a conversation during an art fair, the idea arose to show earlier works by two of the gallery’s artists to the public again. But Albert Westerhoff and Victor van Loon of course both also made new works in recent years and these will be added, providing a nice picture of the artists’ development. For example, the podcast series Distructie als Discours, which Albert Westerhoff continues to develop (Dutch spoken). He also made a series of figurines entitled ‘Inverted Cliche’ and new works in his series ‘Eternal Beauty’. By Victor van Loon, this exhibition features two works from the series ‘Nightshades’: photographs of large dark ‘night plants’ consisting of different kinds of paper, cardboard, duct tape and other collage elements.

We are also showing – new – works by Hamburg artist Janus Hochgesand for the second time. Whereas last time large paintings with pigments were shown, this time he will show works on paper, including watercolours. Also on display are two recent small paintings, one of which is bright blue and made especially for this exhibition.

The works in the presentation are complemented, and even partly displayed (Albert’s sculptures), on beautiful mid-century furniture from shop Bij de Tijd, a Groningen shop with a.o. an extensive range of Scandinavian furniture.

Albert Westerhoff
Victor van Loon
Janus Hochgesand
Bij de Tijd