gallery with tsjalling: presents a new diptych by Anne van As at BIG ART BAJES.
BIG ART is a special presentation of large artworks in the former Bijlmer Bajes in Amsterdam, open from 29 September to 1 October 2023.

More information about your visit can be found > HERE <.

Anne van As makes paintings and drawings in which nature is the subject: vast plains, mountains, flowers and animals. In her work, everything you see seems covered by haze. Through this haze, the image plays with the suggestion of the bygone moment, the once lived experience, and thus the elusiveness of re-experiencing is emphasised. It gives the images something ominous, but it is mainly a certain melancholy that remains.

Especially for Big Art in the Bijlmerbajes, Van As made the diptych ‘Purple Light’. Although the building has long since ceased to be a prison, it still exudes its atmosphere, with dark and desolate spaces of grey concrete. That is why Anne van As wants to bring the outside in with this floral diptych, using specially selected plants. The sea holly in the paintings grows in harsh conditions in dune areas, braving all kinds of weather. They are not lovely flowers, but a kind of small prickly, arid shrubs: true survivors, which are in their place in the bayous.

The sea holly is not large in reality, and by looking intently and magnifying certain details enormously, Van As takes them out of their natural habitat. A certain alienation is further created by abstracting the plant and painting it in shades of purple. With the purple, which is an intense colour, Van As wants to evoke the feeling of tragedy, mystery and inner confrontation.

Anne van As – Purple Light 2023 tweeluik 2 x 200 x 160 cm, olieverf op linnen