BIG ART – More than 50 oversized artworks on show

12 – 15 October 2017

Open: 11-19 hrs

Location: De Zonnewijser, Herengracht 182, Amsterdam

Entrance: € 7,50 — free for children

For 4 days the historical building De Zonnewijser right in the centre of Amsterdam will be filled with XL artworks by contemporary artists and designers. A unique mix of acclaimed names and upcoming talents, monumental paintings, drawings, large sculptures, big photos and huge installations.
On show, and for sale!

We will be showing:

Albert Westerhoff
2016, birch plywood 245 cm high, unique
€ 3.900

As a sculptor Albert Westerhoff is interested in how things around him take shape. For all living things the answer is simple: evolution. Parts that get in the way are lost, bodies are streamlined based on form fitting function. Evolution today is a fascinating merger between biology and technology. Westerhoff is interested in the initial tragic, imperfect steps. He wants his sculptures to show this struggle towards harmony. Towards a new identity.

The Homo Ludens principle by historian Johan Huizinga suggests cultural and intellectual evolution is preceded by play. To create these sculptures the artist has collected 2D wooden model kits (helicopters, dinosaurs and insects etc.) and remixed these into new entities. These new assemblies are then digitally scanned and scaled up into larger sculptures.